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Jukeboxes 1. Ethnographic Collectables Women's Clothing 1, Men's Clothing Women's Shoes Women's Accessories Men's Accessories In the wreckage, she found an infant had survived. She still considers herself and angel and angels in the Marvel Universe are less about salvation and more about making the kinds of deals the mafia likes to make.

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To be fair, she demonstrates a lot more ethics than Goldman Sachs or the mafia ever does. She finds the infant a home on this world. She even tells its adopted parents who she is and makes clear that this kid is to know who she is.

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But eventually, a day comes when she returns to collect her debt. Angela returns to this world when she finds out her friend Sera has been taken prisoner.

The infant she saved has since grown into a king. But he comes off as fair and reasonable when he argues that Sera is guilty of crimes against his people. So even though Angela offers to forgive his debt by letting her go, he refuses. Angela begs with him. She asks him nicely multiple times. He still refuses. At that point, Angela channels her inner Joe Pesci and collects on the debt and her sword is way more effective than a baseball bat.

She will kill those she has compassion for. She will be brutal when she has to. She is not someone they want to piss off. Sera makes clear that this is the core of who Angela is and why she does what she does.

1602 – Witch Hunter Angela 003 (2015) ……

She collects debts. She balances out imbalances. And from time to time, she shows a sense of loyalty to her friends. Then again, the Avengers still have the Hulk on their team. So maybe the standards for heroics should be graded on a curve here. After Sera is done recounting her history with Angela and why she does what she does, we finally get back to more immediate concerns. At this point, those concerns seem secondary. The whole flashback was like an extended halftime show of sorts.

It was fun, but it kind of fucked up the rest of the football game.

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