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But still she wondered:. I did not understand how someone who was perfectly capable of rational thought could believe in fairy tale stories like those of Christianity. Did he believe in Santa Claus too?

A few years later, Jennifer and Joe were married, Jennifer was pregnant and then their first child was born. Motherhood made a big impression on her, and all the old questions of the meaning of life surfaced again as she pondered the future of this life she had started. Depressed and sleep-deprived, she could barely get out of bed.

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She started to wonder if there could be more to life, recovered a little, and then she stumbled across a christian book in a bookstore. Internet searching reinforced the feeling that christianity was more respectable than she thought.

What if it were actually true? But she was frustrated because different churches interpreted things differently.

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Finally she and Joe concluded that the long Catholic intellectual tradition provided authoritative answers. One last barrier remained. She was willing to believe that the evidence pointed to the truth of christianity, but why could she not experience God? The resolution of a serious medical issue, and making her first confession provided the experience of God she sought. Later that night, as she sat out on the porch, she realised that for the first time her feeling of meaningless had gone. But when she was in college and he confided in her about his own doubts, she had no basis left to believe.

God Is a Matchmaker: Seven Biblical Principles for Finding Your Mate

By 20, she was wavering between atheism and agnosticism. After college she worked for the administration of President Bill Clinton, and for the Democratic party. Practically everyone she knew was secular, politically leftist and atheist. Pretty much her only experience of christians was when they were in the news for being anti-gay and anti-feminist. She began dating a guy, and a few months into their relationship he told her he was a christian. She went back week after week and heard Keller make the case for christianity and against atheism and agnosticism. But she felt no connection to God, despite her boyfriend praying with her that God would reveal himself to her.

But two events changed everything.

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While travelling in Asia she had a very real vision of Jesus. She rang her boyfriend to discuss it, but he told her that, after prayer, he had decided he would break up the relationship. But God won her over in the end. Kirsten has become a popular commentator on Fox News, a channel where her left-wing politics are in a minority. She has attracted some nasty criticism for her views, including her support for gay civil marriage. Kirsten never got back together with the boyfriend who influenced her so much. She married a surgeon in and some reports say they divorced in , but other reports say they are still married.

Kirsten remains amazed at her conversion. And then it happened. And a few months later he asked me to co-lead a young adult small group with him.

God Is a Matchmaker: Seven Biblical Principles for Finding Your Mate, revised and expanded

The pieces came together so effortlessly, that I felt and still do that God was playing matchmaker. I realize not all love stories are as dramatic as mine, but there still seem to be divine elements in each. In practical terms I see it like this: I follow Christ by growing in intimacy with Him. As I abide in Him, I learn to walk in rhythm with Him. I do not worry about where we are going, but rather trust His leadership, because I am convinced, as I said above, that where He takes me will be for my eternal good and for His glory and pleasure.

He leads me to jobs, ministry opportunities, educational opportunities, relationships, a spouse or whatever else it is He has planned for me. My primary focus never leaves Him as He brings these things into my life.

I understand them for what they are, gifts from His hand, or tools in His hand, or both — all designed for what? I made choices that kept me close to Him, such as connecting and serving at a local church, remaining pure and praying for a husband. He is intent on working in me for my eternal good and His glory and pleasure. He does millions of amazing things every day to accomplish His purposes.