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Cornell University. MDC Program. Department of Architecture. Degree Programs: Graduate. Graduate Student Work.

Behavioural Matter | AA DRL | Architecture and Urbanism MArch (DRL) – AA School

AAD Program. To do so, this paper firstly contrasts a definition of craft Pye with practices of robotic architectural production.

Additionally, the notion of emergent tectonics resulting from negotiated material and technological processes is addressed by critically situating the theories of architectural tectonics by Kenneth Frampton and digital tectonics by Leach, Turnbull and Williams in the context of robotic fabrication in architecture. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it.

Matter Material Processes in Architectural Production

Negotiated matter: a robotic exploration of craft-driven innovation. The project speculates about the generative role of the image in the creation of objects. It acknowledges potential qualities inherent to images, both perceived or withdrawn, coexisting in an unresolved tension within a framework of a speculative reality. An image of an object having actual object qualities or being an object in itself is a matter addressed in the project, by exploring the potential of image processing techniques when confronted with real geometric generative processes.

A series of rendering iterations of monolithic object assemblies are utilized to inform the project, producing a representational paradox in which both image and object coexist physically but in tension, resulting in a recursively eroding process and an even more indeterminate mass. Deliberately altered assembly conditions, through representation, drive predefined parts of the processed images to behave as entropic entities, hence portraying intricate misreadings and conforming new vague wholes.

Architect's Design Process : Modern Barn Studio - Material Selections

This project aims to investigate the tension between assemblage and monolithic readings. The project is a dialog between aggregated form and subtractive interventions which obscure the hierarchy of mass, tectonic and materiality.

This approach blurs the threshold between artificial intervention and context through a systemic approach to entropic effects. A process of aggregation is used to form an artificial landscape, which establishes the foundations for the design of the Agricultural and Water Preservation Campus. This aggregation system formed a non-uniform body with moments where the landscape transforms into monolithic elements.

After this aggregation process a second level of resolution is introduced using erosion. These natural phenomena of erosion are difficult to control and it acts randomly, so by digitalizing the process, its noise gets reduced, moving from erosion to a controlled artificial rustication. The result is an object that yields a tension between the natural and the artificial.

Materials science

This digital rustication is made possible by a robot arm that, following a precise tool path, textures the surface of the physical model giving it detail at an architectural scale. What is the aesthetics of the digital in craftsmanship or how the digital world could jump out of the screen on a dirty, imperfect physical environment? The creation of objects is always a contemporary challenge that both architects and artists have to take into the game. Digital and analog are more and more close to each other creating a new uncomfortable space of speculation.

The project is an experiment on how the human and nonhuman biases could possibly contribute in the creation of new types of objects, yet undefined and. The object has uncanny visual and physical results because it is not any more a predefined still object created through a linear human vision process.