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The past few years have witnessed radical improvements to the system. The company is undergoing a radical shake-up. The new management will make radical changes.

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In her essay , she characterizes the whole era as a period of radical change. Very important or urgent. Cervical cancer may be cured with radical surgery when it is confined to the pelvis or regional lymph nodes. Medical treatment: general words. Related word radically. C2 a person who supports great social and political change :.

Stable radicals.

She was a radical all her life. See also free radical specialized. Related word radicalism. During bad economic times , radical steps may be necessary to restore the confidence of the consumer. Her views are not radically different from my own. Examples of radical.

They were quick, however, to use beads in more excessive and radical ways. From Cambridge English Corpus. There are approximately phonetic radicals and about semantic radicals currently in use.

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These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Numerous substances are found in nature and in the body that function as protective agents against oxygen-free radicals. Political parties of the so-called radical opposition boycotted the elections for this reason. This reorientation, in turn, led to a revision of the concept of error and a radical reappraisal of teacher and learner roles.

The period saw the radical separation of micro- and macro-economics a separation denoted, paradoxically, as a 'neoclassical synthesis'. We believe that convergence is unlikely any time soon without radical restructuring of global economic growth prospects. Thus, the radical absence of the phylloxera was yet another way of making the phylloxera visible.

Perhaps the most radical element of the film is that it completely eschews commentary. The criticism perhaps dignifies our suggestion with the impression that it is more radical that it really is. Please email your full manuscript, author CV, as well as a word abstract to the Editors at editors radicalamericasjournal. Authors are requested to reference the UCL Press author guidelines , as well as the following specific instructions outlined here.

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In the past, the term 'radical' was used to designate a S bound to a molecular entity, as opposed to ' F ', which nowadays is simply called radical. The bound entities may be called G or substituents, but should no longer be called radicals.

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See also: biradical. Sources: PAC, , 66 , Glossary of class names of organic compounds and reactivity intermediates based on structure IUPAC Recommendations on page [ Terms ] [ Paper ]. Compendium of Chemical Terminology, 2nd ed. Compiled by A.