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She is a wonderfully real character whose impending death has evidently not softened the frustrations created by a lifetime of teaching teenagers English! I enjoyed every part of this: the writing style, the characterisation, the unfurling of a dark and chilling storyline.

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Has anyone read them? Any recommendations for where to start? Or should I be heeding my memory, which tells me I was underwhelmed?

Home About Policy. This is so good that when I picked it up to check if I read it last year, I ended up reading it again.

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  2. The Unremarkable Heart.
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Final thoughts I enjoyed every part of this: the writing style, the characterisation, the unfurling of a dark and chilling storyline. My library had this audio available so I decided to give it a try.

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The Book: This book contains 6 short stories. Each of them features a woman or girl at a crossroads in her life.

Asia: The Unremarkable Me

Cold Cold Heart finds Pam driving across country two years after the death of her husband. She recalls their life together and why after all the horrible things he put her through she seeks her final revenge. Necessary Women begins as what seems to be a story of survival and overcoming obstacles but takes a sudden and disturbing turn.


The Unremarkable Heart is the story that won an Edgar Award. Her husband is caring for her in her last days.

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  • Her memories of her past and her expectations of the process of dying are all she has left except for perhaps a final bit of truth. My Thoughts: All of these stories feature strong women of varying ages.

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    They are all at an important moment or crossroads in their lives. Karin Slaughter can write downright disturbing stuff and while not all of these stories have a gruesome or twisted element, most of them do so consider yourself forewarned.

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    I found a couple of these Necessary Women and The Unremarkable Heart particularly difficult to listen to. Both left me reeling and quite disturbed. I would definitely listen to her again. Rating 4.