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Unfaithful Critics Consensus Diane Lane shines in the role, but the movie adds nothing new to the genre and the resolution is unsatisfying. Want to see. Super Reviewer. View All Photos Movie Info. Connie Lane leaves her suburban home on an errand, venturing into Manhattan during a wicked windstorm.


On a trash-strewn Soho street, she literally runs into Paul Martel Olivier Martinez , a handsome young Frenchman carrying a huge stack of books. Connie has a bad scrape on her knee, and is unable to get a cab, so Paul invites her up to his apartment. Paul is quietly flirtatious as he gives Connie some ice and a bandage for her knee. Connie phones home and explains to her son, Charlie Erik Per Sullivan , that she's running late. She mentions the encounter in passing to Edward Gere , her husband, but it's clear that she's obsessing about Paul, and soon she's back in the city, with a pretext for calling him up.

Soon, they are lovers, and they grow bolder and bolder in their passion. Edward begins to suspect, and eventually gets a private investigator Dominic Chianese of The Sopranos to follow Connie. His worst fears confirmed, Edward decides to confront Paul, a decision that will come to haunt him. Adrian Lyne. Alvin Sargent , William Broyles. Dec 17, Diane Lane as Connie Sumner. Richard Gere as Edward Sumner. Olivier Martinez as Paul Martel. Erik Per Sullivan as Charlie.

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Myra Lucretia-Taylor as Gloria. Michelle Monaghan as Lindsay. Chad Lowe as Bill Stone. Joseph Badalucco Jr. Erich Anderson as Bob Gaylord. Damon Gupton as Other Businessman. Kate Burton as Tracy. Margaret Colin as Sally. Marc Forget as Cafe Bartender. Dominic Chianese as Frank Wilson. Larry Gleason as Tim.

George Miller I as Businessman No. Paul D. Failla as Businessman No. Hal Smith-Reynolds as Businessman No. Tyree Michael Simpson as Businessman No.


Liza Colon-Zayas as Grumpy Teacher. Al Cayne as Parking Lot Attendant. Murielle Arden as Other Woman. True to character, he does not hesitate to invite her in. Olivier Martinez has stirred the passions of the French since his first film roles in the early s.

He first gained international attention in The Horseman on the Roof , a French production based on Gene Giono's beloved novels telling the adventures of Angelo, a dashing 19th Century cavalry officer who falls in love with a married woman, played by Juliette Binoche. While Unfaithful promises to finally make his presence known this side of the pond, it should be noted that Olivier's character is as much a departure from his persona as Richard is from Edward.

Unprepared for fame brought on by his role as Angelo and the media attention surrounding a real life romance with his leading lady, the shy young actor did what a few other European actors have done in recent years, stepped back to contemplate his future. As for Martinez' vision of Paul: "For me, Paul is an innocent.

He doesn't know what is going to happen and he has no control over his future. I was very interested by this angle of the character. He's like a child; he's free Catch just one stolen glance and you'll know why Connie made the choices she did and Lyne believed Martinez could hold his own with Richard Gere. Adrian Lyne's Unfaithful is a seductive journey into the seemingly insignificant choices we make in daily life and the weight of their consequences. The depth of character development, shadowed by the impossibility of placing blame, leaves the viewer's sense of values shaken, or perhaps at the very least, questioning values rationally conjectured through the changing morals of today's society.

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