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While wireless adapters enable more mobility and freedom in connecting to networks, a wireless connection also provides a slower connection than a wired one. USB adapters are possibly the most common type of wireless LAN adapter, and certainly the most compatible. USB adapters are usually no larger than a thumb drive.

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You can also add USB adapters, sometimes called dongles, to compatible non-computer devices, such as an Internet-enabled Blu-ray player or television. If you're looking for a more permanent solution for your desktop computer, you can purchase a wireless adapter that connects to your motherboard via PCI or PCI Express slot.

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  5. When choosing an internal adapter, check the computer's documentation to be sure that you have an available slot of the right size on your computer. You'll also want to check that the adapter is compatible with your motherboard, as incompatibilities can cause connection problems.

    If your wireless LAN adapter comes with any drivers or software, look on the product's packaging or manufacturer's website to check that it's compatible with your operating system. This is especially true if you're using a new version of the system; for instance, a WLAN adapter released in may be compatible with Windows 7 but not Windows 8, which was released in late The most compatible device is one that works when plugged in without software or proprietary drivers.

    Some WLAN software, especially for USB adapters, may come with not only driver software but also software that helps you change the adapter settings and manages your wireless networks. While the wireless adapter can be controlled with your operating system's default tools, using the software that comes with adapter may provide more control, greater compatibility or just an interface that you like more.

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